10 Fashion Tips

Matching ​

You don’t have to “match” everything perfectly! Practice wearing colors  that are opposite of each other.

****Be sure to include different textures, patterns, shapes, prints (ie: animal, floral,etc)


Neutrals go with every and anything. Always, keep several pieces of  neutrals in your closet. You can dress these pieces up or down.


Mix patterns and prints but stick to the same color family; preferably same  background shade (ie: polka dots with stripes).


You always need the basics in your closet which can consist of tees, jeans,  button downs, sweatshirts, leggings, sweaters, blazers and a pure white crisp button  down shirt (at least one).

***Also, any timeless pieces such as a leather coat or a black blazer.


You always…I repeat…always…need a good bra!!! In addition to a  good bra you should also invest in a good shaper for certain pieces as well as certain  panties so that your panty line does not show.

​Accessories ​

*(Mix Medals)… ​the right jewelry can flatter your face shape (for  instance long earrings make your face look skinnier), necklaces, bracelets, shoes, and  purses *(sometimes the “shoe or purse” is the accessory).

Have No Fear

Dress for the occasion! Remember to always wear and don’t  compare! We are all different…


Any age can rock a trend. The key is rocking the trend that feels most  comfortable to you and in an age appropriate way if necessary!


Rule #1…Always wear something that you will be comfortable  wearing. When you’re comfortable your confidence will show! Know your fit!


Show off your most prized assets. What are you proud of…toned arms,  legs, slim waist? Whatever “it” is don’t be afraid to shop with that in mind.

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