As the brainchild of the boutique’s owner Ambra Motilall, Kazat was created in the spirit of FREEDOM!  Fashion has always been a passion of Ambra’s, “whether it was piecing an outfit together for a party while in undergrad at Norfolk State or helping my girlfriends find an outfit for a special outing, I have always had an eye for the flyest clothes”, she’s quoted. At first it was a hobby, but eventually she realized she had a talent. It became a personal goal and dream of hers to own a boutique, but her career in corporate America hindered this dream, temporarily that is. After experiencing the volatility of the corporate world for more than a decade, Ambra learned an important life lesson; to seek her true passion in life, which is fashion. She decided to step out on faith and pursue her journey into entrepreneurship, and it’s been life-changing for her.